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  • Foodtrucks in Gothenburg

    Foodtrucks in Gothenburg

    Grab a delicious quick bite at one of the food trucks across the city.

  • Food & Drink: Dine by the water

    Food & Drink: Dine by the water

    Is there any better place to enjoy dinner or lunch than at a restaurant overlooking the sea or a city canal?

  • 24H: Food & Drink

    24H: Food & Drink

    We handpicked our favourites among the culinary gems in Gothenburg, with shops, market halls and restaurants. Enough ideas for a whole day just about all things tasty – enjoy.

  • Gothenburg – home of seafood

    Gothenburg – home of seafood

    In Gothenburg, seafood is religion. The city is proud of its fishing heritage and the locals are serious about their shrimp, crayfish, lobster and oysters. Here´s a guide to what to eat and where to eat it.

  • Food & Drink: Great looking restaurants

    Food & Drink: Great looking restaurants

    We’ve gathered some of the best looking restaurants in Gothenburg.

  • New: Toso

    New: Toso

    The Asian restaurant by chef Stefan Karlsson, featuring a 5 metre-long Buddha, is one of many new cool eateries in the city right now.

  • Gothenburg for foodies

    Gothenburg for foodies

    Michelin stars, top-class seafood and innovative chefs are great reasons why foodies love Gothenburg.

  • Food & drink: The café guide

    Food & drink: The café guide

    Gothenburg has everything from cosy cafés to cool espresso bars. The daily coffee break, fika, is a cherished part of the Swedish lifestyle.

  • Koka: Fine dining - great prices

    Koka: Fine dining - great prices

    In spring 2014 Koka opened at Michelin-starred restaurant Kock & Vins former address. Chefs Johan Björkman and Jonas Larsson from Kock & Vin still run the show but at the new restaurant the menu is shorter and the prices are lower.

  • Food and wine packages

    Food and wine packages

    If you enjoy good food and a pleasant hotel experiences you should try one of our food and wine packages. How about a three course Scandinavian dinner at a superb hotel or a gourmet weekend at a hotel in beautiful seaside surroundings?

  • Food & Drink: Culinary attractions

    Food & Drink: Culinary attractions

    Combine city sights with food for the perfect culinary tour of the city.

  • Food & drink: Beer guide

    Food & drink: Beer guide

    The craft beer is here to stay and Gothenburg is no exception. Take a look at our guide to the best places for local beer.

  • Taste of Gothenburg

    The traditions, seasons, the intimate restaurant life and not least the availability of primarys of the highest quality. That is what´s highlighted when some of the city´s food profiles says what they think is the best about Taste of Gothenburg.