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  • Gothenburg City Card

    Gothenburg City Card

    Gothenburg City Card gives you free entrance to plenty of sights, attractions, museums and day trips. Free parking and unlimited travel on trams, buses and boats are also included. You also recieve a book of discount shopping coupons with offers in selected stores.

  • The best of Gothenburg

    The best of Gothenburg

    Maximise your holiday with the Gothenburg Package. With hotel accommodation, buffet breakfast and the Gothenburg City Card included you get free admission to sights and attractions, free sightseeing tours, free public transport and much more.

  • Volvo Ocean Race

    Volvo Ocean Race

    After nine months, ten different ports and almost
    39, 000 nautical miles, the teams in Volvo Ocean Race will reach the final destination - Gothenburg. The finish line is right in the city, admission is free and everyone welcome to join the party. The race will be finalised with an in-port race, giving you a chance to get a ringside view of the final sprint.

    FRIHAMNEN, 21-28 JUNE, 2015

  • Food & Drink: Great looking restaurants

    Food & Drink: Great looking restaurants

    We’ve gathered some of the best looking restaurants in Gothenburg.

  • Foodtrucks in Gothenburg

    Foodtrucks in Gothenburg

    Grab a delicious quick bite at one of the food trucks across the city.

  • Taste of Gothenburg

    Taste of Gothenburg

    Gothenburg is one of Europe’s leading food cities. The city is full of world class restaurants, exciting street food and loads of creative chefs specialized in everything from traditinal Swedish dishes to innovative sushi made from fish and seafood from local waters.

  • Shopping guide to Gothenburg

    Shopping guide to Gothenburg

    Explore a mix of department stores, malls, trendy design boutiques and charming independent shops. In Gothenburg you'll find everything from the latest trends in fashion by local and international designers, to unique vintage and interior design.

  • Shopping: The Inner city

    Shopping: The Inner city

    This area offers a great mix of local design shops and international brands, along with plenty of cafés.

  • Made in Gothenburg

    Made in Gothenburg

    Explore the thriving design scene and the local fashion brands.

  • Visit a museum

    Visit a museum

    Learn about everything from Swedish art history to design and automobiles. Visit one of Gothenburg's museums.

  • Nightlife: Gothenburg by night

    Nightlife: Gothenburg by night

    After a day on town it’s time to hit the clubs and bars. This is the guide to the slightly more alternative side of the Gothenburg nightlife.

  • Off the beaten track in Gothenburg

    Off the beaten track in Gothenburg

    Go beyond the city centre to find cosy areas with unique charm and style. Discover different neighbourhoods only a walk or short tram ride away.

  • This is Gothenburg

    Gothenburg is found on the west coast of Sweden, right in the heart of Scandinavia. The city has got plenty to offer – with lots of great shopping, a flourishing restaurant scene and the stunning archipelago just around the corner.


  • Top 10: Must-dos in Gothenburg

    Top 10: Must-dos in Gothenburg

    Check out this mini-guide to sights, museums, daytrips and cosy neighbourhoods.

  • Your own Gothenburg

    Your own Gothenburg

    Are you a family with children? Hungry? Going shopping? Find inspiration in our many guides.

  • Gothenburg in your phone

    Gothenburg in your phone

    Our smartphone app have all the information you'll need about events, accomodation, restau- rants and activities.

  • West Sweden

    West Sweden

    Want to see more? Find day trips and activities in the archipelago or countryside.